How Exercise Can Improve Your Health

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Exercise can help throughout your life with strength in your bones or it can help with a disease that you can most likely be vulnerable to. Such as colon cancer, broken bones, changing your mood, and also boosting your confidence. Most people may not feel confident in themselves because of a weight problem so they choose to have low self-esteem because of how they look. In my opinion working out or doing any type of exercise is very easy because all you have to do is stay consistent with your workout and eat healthy. One thing that comes with all of this is environmental wellness, it comes with that because your environment is one of the most important things to go with your workout. Most people think that it isn’t important because they think it’s just the people surrounding you in the environment. It’s not specifically that, it’s how the people or your environment can motivate you to be better or you can help yourself to exercise. Research says that working out can improve your health, also working out can improve your thinking, learning, judgment skills and also help you live a longer life. As you get older it’s hard for you to the things you use to do such as running, walking, exercise, and your breathing becomes worst when you stop sticking to your daily routine. Research also states that exercise can also benefit you with living longer and also can protect you from heart disease and some other cancers. Majority of the world dies from cancer and it can be from…
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