How Exercise Can Improve Your Health

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Exercise can help throughout your life with strength in your bones or it can help with a disease that you can most likely be vulnerable to. Such as colon cancer, broken bones, changing your mood, and also boosting your confidence. Most people may not feel confident in themselves because of a weight problem so they choose to have low self-esteem because of how they look. In my opinion working out or doing any type of exercise is very easy because all you have to do is stay consistent with your workout and eat healthy. One thing that comes with all of this is environmental wellness, it comes with that because your environment is one of the most important things to go with your workout. Most people think that it isn’t important because they…show more content…
So once they get older everything becomes a problem for them cause their body isn’t adjusted to doing these things. For example, if a person was to workout seven times a week and eat healthy once a week it wouldn’t be balanced at all because their not staying consistent with the food their eating so it can cause heart disease. Another problem that can occur is having a heart attack, others feel that people just have heart attacks and no one knows why that happened. Most of the time a person would have a heart attack when the body is at it’s weakest, when a person doesn’t workout or eat right their body can eventually give up on them. Research states that working out can strengthen your muscles and avoid hip injuries. It can help you to avoid falls, if you work out then you are less vulnerable to get injured so you have to stay committed to the gym at all times. Also research states that if you work out often you will be able to increase your repetitions as you work out. If you work out then you can increase your muscle mass and will be able to lift no matter how old you are, in my opinion it’s all based on the person because their motivation will be slightly off because they don’t think it’s possible to be fit. Another form of wellness that can be very significant to your craft or to prevent a disease or heart disease is emotional wellness. Emotional wellness is
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