How Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health

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There has always been a constant obsession with weight loss. Every one wants the perfect body and wants to achieve it the fastest way possible. But what is the best solution to accomplish or goal? Exercise is the main focus to everything; since the body is like a complex machine that needs to be treated to physical activity, so that the body does not run into health complications. The benefits of exercise can improve your mental health, heart and weight and of course give you a longer life. There are many forms of exercise, which can help you deal with everyday challenges like stress, prevent dementia, help with memory and make you happy. Exercises such as aerobics and yoga are two that can stimulate the mind and help create endorphins, feel good chemicals in the brain. They also help to reduce the hormones of stress such as adrenaline and cortisol (WebMD). Walking can also help you improve your memory. In a publication by Harvard Health, a research done by the University of Pittsburgh were they took two groups of older age, made one group of walkers and the others stretchers. The end results were that both groups became more physically active, but the group of walker had a significant improvement in there memory. Even though exercise is not a cure for memory lost, it can be prevented. The second benefit to exercise is that it is good for your heart as it improves your blood pressure; prevent cholesterol and other diseases’ that prevent the heart from functioning
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