How Extracurricular Activities Affect Children 's Education

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ESSAY OUTLINE Introductory Paragraph: General Statement: A common misconception among adults is that extracurricular activities interfere with their children’s education and have no overall benefit, but recent research and studies beg to differ. Claim 1: Students’ should be engaged in extra-curricular activities because it instills in them valuable life skills and character traits needed for a successful future. Claim 2:Students’ should participate in extra-curricular activities as doing so would make it easier for them to get into the post-secondary education or workplace they desire. Claim 3: Involvement in extra-curricular activities should occur among students because it acts as a pathway to better grades. Thesis: Students’ should be involved in extracurricular activities as they assist in strengthening both their academic and character development, leading to future success. Body Paragraph One: Topic Sentence (Claim 1): Students’ should be part of extracurricular activities because it provides for them important life skills and character traits needed for future success. Evidence: “One important benefit would be the building of solid relationship and interpersonal skills, especially in team-oriented clubs and activities. They allow for the development of working skills, in addition to interpersonal and people skills.” Analysis: Many extracurricular activities involve working with other peers to achieve a common goal. In the process of doing so, students learn
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