How Extracurricular Activities Affect The Development Of Human Beings

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“For over a century proponents have argued that youth activities, such as sports, arts groups, and organizations provide a rich context for positive development … What is missing, however, is research on the processes whereby development occurs in these activities” (Dworkin, Larson, and Hansen, 2003). Extracurricular activities are something that every student in high school are encouraged to participate in these activities for a multitude of reasons. Some of the benefits they are told about is that it will look good for college applications or that employers like to see you do other activities instead of just working. Some of the things they aren’t told however is how these activities benefit them in terms for their development and Waterman suggested that adolescents try different activities as a process for identity exploration. Erikson purposed his theory of the development of human beings in different stages and a task that must be completed at each stage in order to move on to the next stage. One of the stages that is in his theory is that at the adolescent stage the person goes through a challenge of identity versus identity confusion (Waterman, 1982). Alongside identity the concept and importance of self-worth for adolescents will be explained. To first understand Erikson’s theory of development there are a few definitions that will need to be discussed before a deep understanding can be reached. After the definitions are known the process of how adolescence progress

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