How Facebook Can Be Used For A Constructive Business Or Studies?

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be used for a constructive business or studies is spent searching for tweets and topics or people. Some users infect us with hate especially on matters politics and there are at times abusive discussions and law breaking by certain individuals. As a twitter user I am exposed to all these follies. Facebook on the other hand helps me find old friends and get in touch with them, it ensures that my cycle of friends keeps increasing and it is a way to connect with people who share the same likes. Once in a while I go to facebook to find updates and news that is not anywhere on the media. A major drawback of facebook is speculations and exaggerations of events, spread of hate messages and use of violent languages by some users. LinkedIn helps in shaping a professional life and gives information of what your professional network is up to, it enables one gather necessary information on well paying companies and the skills they seek for as well as help professional write their resumes in a captivating manner. It has a shortcoming in that some users are swindlers and pretends to be potential employers while they only seek unsuspecting users and cones them into giving out money or crucial information about them. Instagram on the other hand is beneficial in studying the way other people live from the photos they share and a platform to discover more on the social perspectives. It has a disadvantage of being relatively less informative on the current issues and has some nasty users in
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