How Facebook Has Impacted The World

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Social media has become huge in today’s society. For the past decade, it has advanced in many ways and it has transformed the way the world communicates with one another. Facebook, founded in 2004, has created a virtual setting for people to connect. I use Facebook on a daily basis and felt that it has been one of the few sites that have actually been beneficial along with entertaining. From communicating information about your life, to following news updates, Facebook has made a lasting impact on people. Professor Uricchio discusses six elements as a definition to extended media: technology, institutions of Facebook, what it covers, social orders, ideologies, and lived experiences. These elements define how Facebook has impacted the world. I. Technology of Medium Before addressing what the medium covers and the details of how Facebook has affected the lives of many, one needs to understand the technology of the website. Facebook uses Web 2.0 technology. It was started in 1999 by Darci NiCucci as a way to modify the earlier web pages to make websites more efficient and faster. It was made to update the way webpages were used. A Web 2.0 site may allow Internet users to engage via social media as a virtual community. The programmers use many different softwares and programs to run Facebook. These softwares include, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) along with Memcache. All these programs ensure faster data processing, encrypting, and security (Vanheuangdy). II.
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