How Factory Wastes Affect Environment

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Even with the fact that the world experienced much progress and civilization spread significantly during recent years people are yet to realize the damage their actions provoke. Living in a society that puts special emphasis on material values makes it difficult and almost impossible for individuals to want to express interest in anything else but profits.
Background and causes
Factories are currently one of the most important concepts in society, taking into account that they generate products and services for humanity's constantly increasing needs. The industrial revolution played an important role in boosting technological development and in enabling individuals to significantly improve living standards. However, these factors and this rapid development have also had side effects, as progress reflected negatively on the natural world. The environment has suffered significantly as a result of factories producing large amounts of waste that could not be controlled efficiently.
Prosperity in the contemporary society is largely a result of the fact that factories grew in numbers during the last centuries. Evolution demanded more and more factories and people thus…
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