How Faith Influences Life and its Path

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Throughout the world, faith is an influential bond between mortal and immortal, which strengthens and fulfills one’s aspirations in life. I fully believe that one’s belief is important to their lifestyle, morals and experiences to enhance a connection with their God(s). Some people may ask, “How does faith affect one’s path?” and Shulman (2014) argues that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs could not reach some of even the basic levels without faith. Most of these levels require a sense of self-security that one could possibly reach without faith, but it would be difficult without. She also argues that, “religion also addresses our need to respect and be respected by others” or also known as the “golden rule” (Shulman, 2014). This helps address the fact that faith does influence our lives and how we ultimately end up due to God’s power. Now in reference to faith and the Bible, “It has been translated into over 1,000 languages, and in only 150 years (from 1800 to 1950) more than 1.5 billion copies were sold” (Spiro 2000). This major influence in more than just Christianity but also Judaism has formed an argument of itself on the accuracy of faith’s backstory.
Literature and God It’s no wonder why authors adopt a Christian belief system within their novels. Yann Martel’s “Life of Pi” (2001) is more than just a story of surviving a shipwreck, but capitalizes on Pi’s pantheistic view of God and how he had survived the inner battle within himself. Placed in a difficult
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