How Far Can Space Travel Go?

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How Far Can Space Travel Go? As humans, we are naturally curious about everything and we like to know and discover new things. Since 1957, when Russia (Soviet Union) launched the first satellite, Sputnik, into space we, as America, wanted to explore as well. This was our more competitive side showing. We wanted to discover more first. This eventually led to the Space Race ( which was basically how it sounds. The world was in competition with one another to discover more about the universe and Earth to see who could discover more first. We are naturally curious and naturally competitive. Curiosity is similar to knowing when you’re hungry. Your brain sends messages to your body to let you know you’re hungry, or in this case,…show more content…
Within the last, approximately, fifteen years (starting from about 1999) space exploration hasn’t been as interesting as we’d like it to be. Here are some of the highlights of space exploration from the last fifteen years according to this timeline ( • 1999: The first female Shuttle Commander • 2000-201: Studied an asteroid (Eros) • 2002: Launched the Spitzer Space Telescope (the largest-diameter infrared telescope ever in space) • 2004: took pictures of Saturn’s rings • 2005: Space Shuttle Discovery was launched • 2006: we collected the first comet dust • 2008: Phoenix Mars Lander discovered ice • 2009: “The NASA spacecraft Kepler was launched. Its mission is to search for planets outside our solar system, in a distant area of the Milky Way.” “NASA launched the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, also known as LCROSS. The mission is to confirm the presence or absence of ice on the moon. On November 13, 2009, NASA scientists announced the discovery of a "significant amount" of ice in a crater near the moon’s South Pole.” • 2010: “A private company named SpaceX launched a spacecraft into orbit and returned it to earth safely. It was the first non-government organization to accomplish this.” • 2011: NASA launched Curiosity, a robot, to explore Mars I do believe that some of the things we’ve discovered/explored are very interesting. For example, it is really incredible that we’ve
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