How Far Communication Technology Has Come

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As a young adult, I would roll my eyes at my parent’s stories of how primitive things were when they were children and how thankful I should be that the world was so much farther advanced than when they were young. I promised myself I would never make my children suffer through these drawn out stories. Now fast forward to 2010. My children have no idea how far technology has come in the last twenty years. I can appreciate these luxuries so much more; having grown up with no world wide web, no cell phones, and no text messaging. I am going to look at just a few of the many differences in communication from my childhood until today. The first and biggest technology luxury children have today is the Internet. It has become a simple matter…show more content…
Children and adults alike are doing this thumb dance in mass numbers. People walking down the street, sitting in class, and although very dangerous, driving down the road, you see it everywhere. While it can be time saving, texting does not come without its drawbacks; messages can be forwarded to a third party, photos attached that are only meant for the receiving party, sent to anyone in a contact list. While having a note grabbed by the teacher seemed like the end of the world several years ago, having a cell phone confiscated today seems like a much bigger loss to the guilty party. While texting can be a substantial time saver, like anything else, common sense should be used when using this feature, just like when writing notes. These are only a few of today's modern marvels. I have not even mentioned high-definition television, Wii video games, or satellite radio. These are just three that affect everyday communication. All can be huge time savers, and when used properly and not abused, powerful tools to access knowledge. They do come at a price, access to these tools and features is not cheap, monthly service charges for high-speed Internet and cell phones with text messaging can be quite pricey, this should be taken into account when using. Like anything else, when used wisely and in moderation, these are great luxuries to have to make everyday life easier. Children and adults alike should appreciate how far technology has come and
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