How Far Do You Agree That Mussolini Rise to Power Was Due to Violence?

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Mussolini rise to power through the use of violence is widely evident as it is summed up in this Mussolini himself ‘for my part, I prefer 50 000 votes to 5000 votes’. Alternatively, there are also many other factors that shows Mussolini did not depend on violence but however considered it a useful tool. This could be from his foreign policy, effort with socialist trade unionist and his effort in gaining political power legally. As Fascism began as a radical socialist movement, it was only inevitable that radical measures be taken. Mussolini use of violence mainly relied on the squadristi. This was his main instrument of violence and it was made up of a group of paramilitaries, the famous black shirts. The extent to which they were use…show more content…
His oratory skills along with his influence on the press such as ‘Ill popolo d’italia’ provided a huge benefit to the fascist party. This is shown in 1921, Mussolini was forced to step down and was to be replaced with D’annunzio however, the 2 factors stated above recognized the huge power and influence Mussolini had therefore felt they needed him in order to maintain the support base for fascism. Mussolini also appealed to most aspect of life and had good relations with the church particularly the pope and the south. The south came to support the fascist as they provided funds in order to keep the business running. The church was also taken by Mussolini as he introduce a range of measures i.e formally dropped proposals to tax church property. This is summed up by pope puis xvi saying:
“Mussolini has a proper understanding of what is necessary for this country in order to rid it of the anarchy to which it has been reduced by an impotent parliamentarianism”

This shows that although terror was used in order to gain power, the squadristi actions was justified as certain groups of people welcome this action and violence was only extensively use during the beginning of the fascist regime. However, we can later see Mussolini tries to gain power by legal methods, such as running for office and appealing to the masses which in time, replace the violence used during the early period of the fascist
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