How Far Was Nicholas Ii Responsible for His Own Downfall?

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How far was Nicholas II responsible for his own downfall? In 1917 Tsar Nicholas II signed a deliration to abdicate from power; this was due to a number of long term and short term factors; some being of Nicolas II own problems and some being general problems that faced Nicholas II. When Tsar Nicholas II came to power many problems faced him, such as lack of industrial revolution, political problems, economical problems etc… Nicholas II was a very strong believer in autocracy and the belief that he had been made Tsar by God, however Nicholas was a very poor leader to the people of Russia, growing political problems and the war pushed Nicholas II to abdicate. Tsar Nicholas II was a very poor leader for the people of Russia, he lacked…show more content…
Witte’s reforms also bought in industrialisation into the cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg, thousands of factories were built over Russia. This led to many peasants moving to the cities looking for work, the living conditions for the workers were poor, worse than the country side. Witte’s economical changes helped Russia become more economically stable, however it lead to nig changes in society. A greater middle class developed, the middle class formed workers unions that opposed the way the Tsar run the industries and the way he handled the peasants living crisis. Nicholas II did not want much change as he could see the impact it was having on the people of Russia with the creation of working unions who opposed of the Tsar, this short term factor can be viewed as a problem that would have developed on its own to Nicholas II downfall. However it can be argued that this factor developed with Nicholas II disapproval of most industrialisation changes and his traditional view of Russia. January 2nd 1905 Bloody Sunday occurred, a demonstration led by Father Gapon. Over 3,000 peasants walked to the gates of the winter palace asking the Tsar for help as they were starving and living in slums. The Tsar was not in the Winter Place at the time, the Imperial Guard shot at the crowd killing nearly 200 women, children and men. Nicholas II failure to act after Bloody

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