How Far Was the Korean War a Military and Political Success for the Usa?

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How far was the Korean War a military and political success for the USA? Arguably, the numerous political and militant events mean that it is possible to state that the Korean War was infact a success for the USA, with events such as the Inchon Landings, and the pushing back of the opposing forces to the 38th Parallel. However, it can be equally argued that it was a Military failure, with the most obvious example being the retreat following the Dragon Attacks. Similarly, the complex political nature of this war also means that success is debatable, for example, the anti – communist paranoia and the decision to introduce General McArthur. The Inchon Landings serve as on of the most famed military successes achieved by the US army to…show more content…
In terms of a military success, they had ridded themselves of a leader within Vietnam who was outwardly defying them, and as Truman had expected, the outrage began to die down. More rational politicians began to hear him out, as well as better informed press outlets publishing articles that supported and rationalized his decisions. Furthermore, overall the US government underestimated the war entirely, and this can be seen as a miserable failure on the part of officials. It resulted in a bloody war of attrition, with the outcome not particularly showing differentiation from how Korea looked in 1950, when the war had begun. Although South Korea hadn’t fallen to Communism, North Korea was not a democratic nation either – so there was no sign of roll back, just weak containment. Therefore, the Korean War can be seen as almost unnecessary. Therefore, overall, in terms of Political success, although at first many events can be seen as working in favour of the Government, underlying facts - and the influence of individuals such as McArthur - prove that the Korean War was evidently a miserable failure in political terms. In Militant terms, although I acknowledge there was some success stories – e.g. the Inchon landings, the humiliating 30 mile retreat means that I believe overall this was also a Military failure, with large casualties also standing against success. Thus, the weight of the evidence

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