How Far Was the Russo – Japanese War of 1904 – 1905 Responsible for the Outbreak of the 1905 Revolution?

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The Russo – Japanese war did is seen as a short term factor that was responsible for the 1905 revolution, however there are many other short term and long term factors which also contribute to being responsible for the 1905 revolution. The way the Tsar ran the country, social problems, changing society inside and outside Russia, Bloody Sunday etc...

The Russo – Japanese war saw Russia lose to Japan. Russia saw itself as a great and powerful country, compared to others, Russia wanted to expand it empire over the Far East. Russia and Japan went to war over the control of China and Korea. Russia saw its military as superior; however Russia suffered a humiliating defeat. January 1905 Russia was forced to surrender their Port Arthur Naval
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workers union which began to develop ideas for a revolution, they demanded for political change and captured a willing audience within the working society.

The political problems are seen as a long term problem; political problems can also be seen as being as a main factor that was responsible for the 1905 revolution. Russia was still an autocracy, all power rested with the Tsar. Other major European states were a democracy and had an elected parliament that spoke and worked for the people. Political groups began to form, the Social Revolutionaries were founded in 1901, they were willing to use violence to achieve a change in Russia, from 1901 – 1905 the Social Revolutionaries were responsible for over two thousand assassinations, one being the Tsar’s Uncle, Grand Duke Sergei the governor-general of Moscow.
The Social Democrats were another influential political group, formed in 1898 they two were also willing to use violent methods to achieve their revolutionary aims. The Social Democrats wanted to turn society around and give power to the workers and peasants of the land. By 1905 the Social Democrats has split into two groups, the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks.
All these political groups began to educate the country on revolutionary change, how other countries were richer and more powerful, how they needed change if they wanted a better life. After Bloody Sunday many people in the country began to listen to the political groups, as they knew that

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