How Fashion Has Changed The Lifestyles Of Everyday Life

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Ever wonder why someone would invent hammer pants? What about when Coco Chanel decided to start a fashion line in 1920’s? Fashion lets people define themselves by putting different styles together and creating something unique. Nevertheless, people see fashion as making a statement. Fashion gives individuality and lets indivauls create a statement for ourselves. However, people will also have on vintage wear whether the notice or not. Fashion change the lifestyles of many giving people a chance to be themselves Couture introduced itself in the 19th century when fashion designer, Charles Frederick Worth had his label sewn into his garments he created. Also, Rose Berlin “ Minister of Fashion” opened a shop in Paris that had a dash of…show more content…
These countries want the world to view them as modest. “Fashion is the most powerful art . It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be. Just like your scarf suggest that you’d like to sell used cars” (Blair Waldorf).. Occasionally, fashion can be a dreadful thing in our society because the world views what you are wearing as “material wealth”. In school, fashion can be a huge problem because kids picking on other kids who do not have nice things like them. Giving those children low self esteem. Fashion separates humans into social classes without us noticing. People who are famous set a standard for those who aren’t as wealthy as them. Also, people with high class jobs have an equivalent style to those who are famous. This affects America because we should not be labeled as poor or rich by our style of fashion. “Fashion is state of mind. A spirit, extension of oneself”(Cynthia Durcanin). People are too busy worried about the next trend, the next shoes to drop, and how people will like it. That shouldn’t be the case because you should be you, dress how you want, and be your own trendsetter. The era that caught many teens attention was the 80’s and 90’s era. Tv sitcoms had a huge impact on the world because the 80’s had a few favored shows such as Martin, The Cosby show and A Different World. Characters in the show would wear four-finger rings, velours, parachute pants and

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