How Fashion Has Transform An Image

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Fashion changes continuously, fashion can transform an image, as well as make a social statement. Fashion is defined as the prevailing style or custom. Some people find fashion an art form, to others it is a religion, for most everyday people fashion is a way of utilizing clothing and accessories to show-off or hide something about ourselves (Nellis, 2015). The average person uses fashion to keep their wardrobe up with the times. However we use or not use fashion, we are sending a statement. This paper will include recollections of my past life regarding clothing, times clothing gave me positive and negative feelings, I will also discuss people I look to for fashion direction, as well as my comfort level with fashion and cultural norms.
My earliest recollection of my own clothing is a holiday dress I wore when I was four years old. It was Christmas Day and I remember many members of my extended family visiting. My mother was busy preparing dinner and attending to our guests. My dress was black velvet above the waist and a white poufy material below the waist. I wore white socks and black patent leather shoes, my mother curled my hair using sponge curlers. I remember playing cowboys and Indians with my brother, I wore a holster on my hips with a gun over my dress and a cowboy hat. My memory recall me chasing my brother around the dining room table and also shoot at our visitors. My mother always referred to me as a “Tomboy”, I suppose this is also my earliest recollection of
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