How Fast Bowlers Are Made Not Born

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Department of Economics
University of Warwick


EC 331 Research in Applied Economics –
December 2014

Research Objective

This research will look into anthropometric factors and attempt to evaluate that fast bowlers are made not born

Literature review and project outline

Anthropometric Factors: Are fast bowlers born or made?


Brett Lee in his Biography says “We trained so hard, there are a lot of images of me and Jock Campbell (fitness coach), with me running with a parachute behind me, working on my speed, ... those little things, those little training drills helped me to maintain my speed and to bowl the quickest I have ever bowled.”

Conversely, Michael Holding, no stranger to fast bowling,
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Decades have passed and the debate continues. This discussion is not limited to fast bowling but applies to general skill acquisition as a whole.

Most of the research related to fast bowling has focused on biomechanics and back injury prevention and very limited work has been done with factors contributing to bowling speeds. This limited amount mainly consists of theoretical papers, which provide a synthesis of arguments from different papers rather than using a dataset to deduce empirical evidence. The difficultly associated with conducting experiments with a small sample size (limited number of bowlers) and a small number of observations (few deliveries per bowler) may be the reason for the lack of research in this area.

A fast bowler’s training involves a lot more strength and conditioning than a batsman or any other type of bowler. This highlights the fact that anthropometric factors are of great significance to generating high bowling speeds. This research will attempt to identify the most important anthropometric factors and how well those possibly explain the difference(s) in bowling speeds. To date, little or no attempt has been made to classify anthropometric factors vis-à-vis fast bowlers as either genetic or environmental. Furthermore, research has drawn a line between genetic and environmental factors and has not considered the two as interdependent.

This research, by
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