How Father Involvement Can Increase Positive Social And Emotional Development

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Provider role:
The perception of a tradition father can appear various forms. Today’s fathers is had taken a change based on the traditional father seen many years ago. In the past father’s where identified as the breadwinner and disciplinarian in the family. The traditional has shown a decrease where there is a rise of single parent households being led by the mother. There have been several studies conducted to explore how father involvement can increase positive social and emotional development. Paschal et al., (2011), identified provider role as the one who provide economic status the child. Participants expressed a desire to care for child financially. Fathers identified their responsibility of caring for child by purchasing diapers, clothes, and baby food. In most cases Paschal et al., (2011) found most fathers who shared the importance of providing for child financially was older, and had some form of employment compared to young fathers. However other participants did express a desire to act in the role of a provider, but reported several reason they were unable to provide financially to the child or the mother. Paschal et al., (2011) also found that teen fathers who were romantically involved with the mother was more financially supportive that teen father who did not have a romantic relationship.
Nurturer Role:
When referring to child rearing it is common to hear the word caregiver. Some of this is based on the children are raised by grandparents, other family
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