How Fatigue Affects Your Sleep Habits

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When having a job it is very important that you keep yourself healthy, so you can maintain a positive attitude and strong working ability. This topic is really interesting because it is relative to my life. It is interesting to see what researchers have found as a leading result and different ways to improve someone’s sleep habits. It would also be beneficial to take into account how I can improve my sleep habits in order to maintain a healthy working ability. As a working camp counselor myself, it is important for me to stay healthy and get a good night’s rest. Fatigue is when a person has a lack of energy, extremely tired and a sense of weariness. These factors will definitely impact an employee and their ability to work efficiently.…show more content…
The first article Worker Fatigue, found in the Professional Safety Journal, went into detail on the effects of fatigue on employees’ work performance. Fatigue can be described as lassitude or exhaustion of mental and physical strength resulting from bodily labor or mental exertion (Hallowell, 2010). Nowadays, fatigue is a common concern for workers in various occupations all around the world. Highway construction is an occupation where fatigue is definitely found among workers. Construction strategies that minimize congestion and disruption to local communities are becoming more common. Extended work shifts, nighttime work and work zones adjacent to active roadways are considered to be rapid renewal strategies. Rapid renewal means completing highway projects quickly with minimal disruption to communities(Hallowell, 2010). Highway construction work requires a great deal of intense focus and physical exertion, the use of heavy mobile equipment and repetitive tasks. Traditionally, construction work was done during the day, but now new strategies such as nighttime work, continuous work and extended shifts have been put into play. Although these strategies enhance schedule performance, it also increases fatigue among workers. According to Hallowell, there are two types of fatigue: cognitive and localized
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