How Fatigue Affects Your Sleep Habits

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When having a job it is very important that you keep yourself healthy, so you can maintain a positive attitude and strong working ability. This topic is really interesting because it is relative to my life. It is interesting to see what researchers have found as a leading result and different ways to improve someone’s sleep habits. It would also be beneficial to take into account how I can improve my sleep habits in order to maintain a healthy working ability. As a working camp counselor myself, it is important for me to stay healthy and get a good night’s rest. Fatigue is when a person has a lack of energy, extremely tired and a sense of weariness. These factors will definitely impact an employee and their ability to work efficiently. Fatigue in the workplace can be a serious problem, not only for the worker but for the co workers and employers as well. Researchers have been looking at how fatigue effects a person’s work performance and ways in which a person can improve their sleep habits. In this literature review, the relationship between how sleep impacts work performance and how work affects sleep in individuals will be examined. The consequences of lack of sleep and poor judgement will be reviewed, as well as other factors regarding lack of sleep and how it effects an employee’s performance. Not only does lack of sleep effect a person’s working ability but it also effects their way of life and daily routine as well. Shift-work, late night shifts, and overtime…
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