How Fatigue Is Affecting Surgeons

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A major concern in the world of medicine and many patients around the world has been how fatigue is affecting surgeons. Imagine you are in the operating room and you happen to see the surgeon yawn, you are putting your life in his hands. Questions begin to fill your head. How long has he been working? Will he be able to perform at his best? Will he make a mistake because he is tired? In the late twentieth century and very early twentieth-first century it was believed that patient safety was at risk to due to surgeons working over a hundred hours a week, so new regulations were set on 2003, to limit surgical residents to only being able to work for eighty hours a week. Recent studies have found that limiting the amount of hours surgical residents could work has limited their experience, lowered certification passing rate, and increases the possibility for more errors. . Residents see less patients and they don’t get to see the patients they treat get better or worse and research supports that there is no significant evidence that negatively correlates hours worked with surgeons ' performance. Even though in the past it was believed that Patients were more at risk when surgeons work longer, making them more susceptible to errors because of fatigue, due to new studies, residents should be allowed to exceed the 80 hour limit because studies show that residents are being exposed to less patients which reduces their experience An experiment was done by Gaba and his research

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