How First Class Soccer Make A Good Soccer Retail Store

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• First Class Soccer will be making deals with Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Umbro in order to sell the soccer products they provide in the store. The business is going to need these suppliers in order to become a good soccer retail store in the town that provides many different products that are out in the market. The business will need to contact sales representatives from each brand in order to make contracts to sell their products through the store.
• First Class Soccer will not need any distributors because the business will mostly depend on suppliers for the products that will be provided.
G. Order Fulfillment and Customer Service
• First Class Soccer will make sure that each sales inquiry is delivered in a timely manner to the customer. Order fulfillment will be processed same day or next business day upon receiving a customer’s order request and payment. The order can be placed through the website, in person, and via telephone. For the shipping company the business will be using USPS, and UPS for all orders that will need to be shipped. Customers will have to pay for shipping charges unless the store is having a special promotion to spend a certain amount and receive free shipping.

• First Class Soccer will pay close attention to customer service towards customers. This is really important because this service can depend whether or not customers will return to do more purchases in the future. As a business in the retail industry, customer service is the main

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