How First Person Narration Affects The Overall Story

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There are lots of better writer and novelist in the world who have given so many books and novels for reading, I have read some of them and some are discussed with everyone. There are famous writers like A. A. Milne, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, J K Rowling, Lewis Carroll and the list does not end here. They have given books for fiction, Children’s Literature, Literature, plays, short stories, Biographies, Fantasy, Poetry, and so on… First of all, what is First person narration? The first person narration is ‘The Story is told by a character that participates in the action of the story itself. First person Narrative is used by an author who wants a personal/subjective/intimate point of view’. In this essay, I will discuss the ways that first person narration affects the overall story which contains many things like Plot, settings of the story, Characters, the point of view, tone, irony, and symbolism. The story also contains many things for the third person too. But apart from all this, I m going to discuss the effects of the first person three main points are on styles and variations point of view and benefits of writing in the first person. Some other points are displayed in front. First I will discuss the style and variations then everything else.
First of all, there are lots of things to discuss in styles and variations like detective novels, Rashomon effect, and Sequential multiple viewpoints, separate multiple viewpoints. So starting with
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