How Fitness Can Overcome Fast Food

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Anytime you hear the word obesity, you can almost bet the two words “fast food” will not follow too far behind. For some odd reason, people of the society seem to think eating fast food causes the large rate of obesity. At the end of the day, obesity is caused by several things and not just eating fast food. While it is true that fast food is easy to reach, good to taste, and cheap when it comes to the budget, obesity can still be lowered by simply working out and staying fit. The government has taken several steps to decrease the obesity rate, such as changing the food plan, limiting the amount of vending machines, and even making physical education a mandatory course. This paper will discuss how fitness can over come fast food by exercising, eating limited amounts of fast foods, and dieting. When the word exercise is mentioned, most people may have a vivid image of a huge gym with tons of heavy equipment. Well the truth is exercising can be defined as a simple bike ride, simple stretches, or even a jog in place routine. Eating fast food is not causing the obesity rate to increase. Eating fast food without exercising the excess calories off can cause obesity. As stated in the article “ Parents, not state government, are in the best position to fight the epidemic of overweight children in our schools.” Fast food may seem to be the best option on those “running late mornings” to grab breakfast and get on the road, but without exercising in between time, those calories
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