How Flexibility Is An Essential Thing

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From Atkinson’s research in 1984 we can understand that flexibility is an essential thing is this competitive business world. So in order to cope up with the situation, companies need to explicitly imply all three types of flexibilities and treat flexibility as an essential thing rather than an additional option. In the flexible firm model denoted by Atkinson, there are two peripheries (core and secondary). `Therefore, it can be presumed that the inner core-periphery of highly skilled employees bounded by secondary periphery of non-standard workers who could be called back for short-term agreements. Previously HRM dealt with basic things like hiring and recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits and performance…show more content…
It will talk about the difficulties that the migrant workers i.e. migrant nurses in UK are facing problems in times of adaptation and induction programs along with racism and discriminations because of cultural and language differences. Insourcing and Migrant Workers Companies insource human resources when they cannot find the right person within their own organization. Insourcing could be done on national or international basis. In the context of UK employing nurses, they tend to do international recruitment. The reason NHS organisations are interested to recruit international nurses is because they could be hired quickly compared to local nurses who need three years to enter the market (RNC updated). As the employers are getting more of International Recruited Nurses (IRN) in UK, a series of concerns are coming up regarding the experienced that these migrant nurses are facing. Adaptation and Induction Due to insourcing of IRN, the international human resource management (IHRM) will have to go beyond the regular HRM practices focus on the depth of the problems that these migrant nurses are facing. As the nurses are coming into UK for the jobs, they need to go through the adaptation and induction programs where these IRN’s had mixed reviews. As many of them gave a positive feed back, a lot of them were dissatisfied about not
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