How Food Can Create A Cultural, Social And Economic Identity Essay

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In present day, the most reliable and common way to broadcast a message to the public is through the media. The media, entertainment and advertising have become an important aspect of our lives in a way that has influenced the way we think and feel. However, the media can both negatively and positively demonstrate cultural issues that are present in our society today. The gendering of food can be found in all forms of media such as through television, movies, posters, books etc. Through this notion, the perception of food becomes socially constructed in many ways that can lead to representations of how we should live our life. This essay will attempt to prove how food can create a cultural, social and economic identity and explore the gendered relationships to food from a variety of feminist perspectives. To demonstrate this I will draw examples from popular culture such as analyzing advertisements and films in which will help us to understand cultural norms and how historical societal structures of food can be relevant to our own lives. We will focus on the meanings and representations of food within popular culture, film and literature and as a result, we will be able to distinguish how the media can be linked to food and signify gendered stories.

Food is a very important trait of living. It is the first of the essentials of life, our biggest industry, our greatest export, our most frequently indulged pleasure, and also the object of considerable concern and dread
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