How Food Security And Hunger Are Huge Issues

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Chauntelle Ong (#0907515) ENG-200: Professor Wright Abstract This article introduces how food security and hunger are huge issues nowadays regardless of the advancement of technology and improvement in quality of lives. Obtained from (“National Geographic,” n.d.), by 2050, there will be approximately 9 billion people, which will result in greater demands for more crops to feed livestock like pigs and chickens. The farming practices to meet these demands are non-ecological and ineffective. This paper outlines the current environmental issues that our world is facing, and expounds on the strategies of utilizing social media to educate people about environmental issues and food ethics. The research methods used in this paper are scholarly articles, data from National Geographic and international non-profit organizations. This research paper also concludes on how to profitably manage and explore the precise technology and food ethics to feed a growing world sustainably and promote healthy living standards. Keywords: digital age, social media, technology, Internet, population, food, security, hunger, malnutrition, sustainable, healthy eating, diet, future generations, food ethics RAISING AWARENESS OF GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES Today, the world population is 7.3 billion with an average of 360,000 births a day (Worldometers, 2015). Out of the 7.3 billion human populations, there are more than two billion people suffering from malnutrition and that accounts for more than

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