How Food Waste Is A Multifaceted Problem?

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Food, one of our most precious resources, is being wasted in increasing amounts in America. Today, so many obstacles confront produce that there is a 40% chance that it will be discarded before it reaches the consumer’s mouth on its way from the farm (Gunders, D. 2014). Food waste is a multifaceted problem because it has many manifestations and many sources. Improvement would result in the nourishment of poor families, conservation of water and fossil fuels, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (Hall, K., Guo, J., Dore, M., & Chow, C., 2009). Problems can be found everywhere that food can be found in like farms, restaurants, markets, and homes. Solutions can be found through the application of critical thinking. Methods of critical…show more content…
In markets, overstocking is a technique used to attract customers (Just Eat It [Motion picture]., 2014). When a customer sees a lonely item, they are less inclined to buy it because they presume that it is the only item left because no one else wanted it because it is defective. This practice leads to sellers buying more than they can sell and ultimately discarding extra product when it “expires”. Expiration, though, as I alluded to, is a misnomer. Sell-by and consume-by dates on products are not required on any products (with the exception of baby formula). Food manufacturers claim that these dates are used to indicate when their products will loose their flavor and texture, however, many consumers are under the false impression that these dates indicate when the product will expire. Markets will often discard their food well before the date listed even though the food is still nutritious and safe to consume (Just Eat It [Motion picture]., 2014). Restaurants too manage their inventories carelessly. With the attitude of abundance, restaurants will often over-stock their refrigerators to insure that they will never have to tell a customer that they ran out of a certain dish (Just Eat It [Motion picture]., 2014). With this approach and excess of food, some is bound to expire. In the same venue but from the
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