How Football Changed My Life Essay

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As the ball is spinning through the air on that frigid, airy night, it’s like a momentary pause as we all wait for it to drop. As the ball comes down, I go up and just as I believe I have won the ball; I am knocked down and out. Everyone has an impactful moment in their life. Mine just happened to be an actual impact. An impact to my head that also just happened to have a bigger impact on my life than I ever could have imagined, probably because I don’t remember much from that day. As the final whistle blew and my team had lost the game, I was lost in deep thoughts inside my head. Where was I? What was the score? And what just happened? Little did I know that my team had just been knocked out of the State bracket and as we all piled onto the bus I sat in my seat dazed and confused. On the ride home my coach told me, “you might as well have been on a football field because you just got drilled like you had shoulder pads and a helmet on,” yet I had no protection. Just like in life we prepare ourselves as much as possible but sometimes we don’t have the protection we need and we never knew it until it was too late. The next day I got video clips of the hit and as I watched the replays of the collision I couldn’t turn my eyes from the screen. Honestly it hurt my head…show more content…
I have experienced the blurriness and fogginess. I have felt like I was living in a cloud, and I never want to feel that again. While I will forever have that passion for soccer, I know that it is my brain that is going to get me far in life and give me the rewarding job I want. I have actually decided I want to become a physical therapist or athletic trainer so that I can watch athletes and everyday people heal and strengthen their bodies and minds just like I
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