How For Your Breast Augmentation Revision

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How to Prepare for Your Breast Augmentation Revision in Manhattan

You will receive a pre-operative plan that is designed specifically for you. Your pre-operative plan may include information related to necessary changes to your diet, daily habits and medication usage. In addition, your pre-op plan will contain information about any pre-surgical testing Dr. Naidu would like you to have.

Patients who use tobacco need to avoid these products for at least eight weeks before their breast augmentation revision and eight weeks after. Following this recommendation is extremely important because the chemicals found in tobacco negatively affect the body’s ability to heal itself. Therefore, people who smoke tend to heal slower and are more prone to
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Naidu will follow.

Exchanging a Breast Implant

Dr. Naidu can exchange one or both of a patient’s breast implants in order to:

provide her with breasts that appear more symmetrical (even); replace a ruptured/deflated breast implant; reduce or increase the size of a breast implant; or improve the overall results of an unsatisfactory breast augmentation.

Addressing Issues with the Capsule

The capsule is the scar tissue that forms around the breast implant: Formation of scar tissue occurs around any prosthetic implant. This formation of scar tissue is the body’s way of protecting itself from a foreign object.

A Capsulotomy - Dr. Naidu can address capsular contracture and breasts that sit too high on the chest by creating an incision in the capsule that surrounds the implant(s). A Capsulectomy – This procedure is necessary when a capsule calcifies (hardens). During this procedure, Dr. Naidu removes the entire capsule.

Other Issues Addressed with a Breast Augmentation Revision in Manhattan

A Pocket Adjustment – Dr. Naidu uses this procedure to address ptosis/bottoming out. Typically, this procedure is performed with a Capsulotomy (to tighten the pocket; thus, preventing further sagging). Areolae Reduction – During this procedure, Dr. Naidu reduces the size of the patient’s areolae (the pigmented skin that surrounds the nipples). A Mastopexy – Dr. Naidu uses this
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