How Fracking Is Used For The Environment Essay

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Article 28: This article tries to advocate fracking by giving insights on how safe fracking is for the environment. To begin with, a brief description is given as to how fracking is done to extract natural gas. Views of Manhattan Institute senior fellow Robert Bryce which compare the CO2 emissions in 2002 and 2012 show a drop of 8% due to surge in shale gas production, which reduced coal usage. Water usage and other resources like land and habitat protection for wild animals has been presented in the article to highlight how fracking is much environment friendly compared to other energy sources, even wind and solar. My Take – The writer here does try to show just how ecofriendly fracking is, and to an extent even I’m convinced by his views. But the writer quotes a private energy company Andarko who takes care in conserving wildlife which can’t be taken at face value as such companies have quite a few environmental violations against them. Over and above I’m agreement with the writer’s views. Article 32: The article by Spencer Jakab treads the path to explain the effect of drilling rig numbers in North America and its effect on oil prices. Baker Hughes Inc. report shows how the number of rotary oil rigs has been low and crude oil prices have seen a downward trend. Natural Gas has been a different story comparatively with the gas dedicated rig count at its lowest. Along this there’s also a situation building up where due to the surplus gas available there might not be any
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