How Fracturing Is Supplying About 2.1 Million Jobs

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An article on America’s Communities informs its readers how fracturing is supplying about 2.1 million jobs to American citizens. Federal regulations and laws have already been set in place for fracturing in the future. The number of marketing natural gas skyrocketed from 2008 to 2012. In Pennsylvania alone there are 9000 wells and is expected to create 211,000 jobs around 2020. Other states such as Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, North Dakota, Ohio, and Texas are major states where hydraulic fracturing has taken place.
Investing in fracking could be a potential solution as Amy Jaffe stated “By the 2020s, the capital of energy will likely have shifted back to the Western Hemisphere, where it was prior to the ascendancy of Middle Eastern mega-suppliers such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in the 1960s.” The U.S could be the leader in the oil industry if they establish its oil dependency solely on fracking. The investment in fracking would be beneficial to the consumers of America as natural gas is now becoming the number one source of fuel and energy. According to John Deutch of MIT “In the United States today, oil is three times as costly as natural gas for a given amount of energy ($12 per million BTUs compared to $4 per million BTUs), and that is almost double the ratio that has prevailed over the past twenty years.” With that in mind, the low prices of fracturing natural gas would exploit the use of gasoline and the use of gas for winter homes. Those are some potential

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