How Frank Darabont Presents the Shawshank Redemption's Subtitle Hope Springs Eternal

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How Frank Darabont Presents the Shawshank Redemption's Subtitle Hope Springs Eternal

In 1982 a writer named Steven King wrote the short story "Rita Heyworth and The Shawshank Redemption". Little did he know that his text would become one of the best films ever made. The year is 1992 and a plucky young director going by the name of Frank Darabont has big idea for making a film version of King's great novel. After much deliberation king and Darabont agreed and set to work making a film to remember.

The Shawshank Redemption conveys a range of emotions from utter despair to jumping for joy and happiness, but the emotion portrayed in the film is the idea of hope, which is inspired. But before I can
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One inmate finally cracks after being told how he is going to being treated, he begins to scream "I want to go home I don't belong here". The chief prison guard comes in and opens the cell and proceeds to give the new inmate a good kicking. At this point you can also only see silhouettes of the two figures. The impact of this scene on me and probably the rest of the audience was "Andy's not going to last" and "How do they get away with that". This scene epitomises the harsh cruelty of Shawshank prison. This scene is one of the harshest in the film. The outcome of the bet isn't good for Red because Andy 'Didn't say a word' so Red lost ten cigarettes.

A few scenes later Andy, Red and a few others had been put on outside duty tarring roofs, whilst working Andy overhears the chief prison guard talking with the other guards about some money he had 'Inherited' so Andy asked "do you trust your wife". This of course enrages the prison guard and he grabs Andy and dangles him over the side of the roof. "What did you say!" He asks, Andy says again "Do you trust your wife" he explains that if he was to put the money in his name he wouldn't have to pay tax on it. The prison guard asks what he wants in return and warns him of the consequence if he is lying. Andy asks for some beer for him and his buddies, so Andy, Red and the others are sitting there drinking beer watching a beautiful sunset.
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