How Frequent Organisational Changes Affect Employees and What Can Managers Do.

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Today’s business world is constantly evolving. To keep up with the rapidly shifting environment, companies introduce process changes frequently within their organization to improve performance, and outdo their competition. In this memo, the pros and cons of frequent organizational changes are first investigated. By going through the effectiveness of adopting specific activities and leadership style in communicating changes, we seek to understand employees’ reaction to frequent process changes, and how it affects their work performance and attitude towards the organization. This will allow us to understand if employees learn and get better at change, or does change does irreparable damages.

Pros and cons of frequent
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Organizations will not be able to recover the lost time and potential profits lost due to low productivity; these are irreparable damages to the company.

In the absence where organization fail to adopt specific steps as per suggested by (Kotter, 2007), employees become less trusting and show less commitment to the company. Employee dissatisfaction would accumulate with frequent process changes being enforced onto them, resulting in lower morale and commitment towards the organization. These employees are likely to leave the company when there are better job opportunities. Organizations must than accept when large number of employees leaves, productivity level will decreases resulting in loss of income and potential profits. Organizational will also take longer time to hire and train new employees. Time lost and cost spent to rehire are irreparable damages to the organization.

It can be seen that frequent process changes aims to improve a company. But the end effect is mixed. It depends on employees’ perspective to the change, and their ability to adapt. The main crux lies in how the management implements changes, and communicates to the needs of every employee.

Effective Activities and leadership style
For employees to learn from and get better at change and experience the benefits we discussed above, the change leader
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