How Friendship Is A Necessary Aspect Of Everyone Human 's Life

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How I See Friendship
Wendy Guindi
Azusa Pacific University, University College

How I See Friendship
Defining friendship is a feeling or an emotion that can be expressed in different kind of ways to one another to feel wanted and important. Friendship can also be defined as a state of being friends, or a friendly feeling. Friends however, are defined as a friend as an ally, supporter or sympathizer. To look for that good friend it’s important to find traits such as being kind, loving, trustworthy, loyal, and honesty. In the book of Nicomachean Ethics, it explains says,” Friendship is a necessary aspect of everyone human’s life, as we are not self sufficient in and of ourselves”, (Irwin, 1999). To have friendship is to have comfort, in times of crisis and depression, a friend is the one that could lift our spirit up.
True friend is a person who offers all the support, love, and respect and will never betray or leave us. Friends also tend to always be there for each other. For example, if one is going through a hard time in college, a friend can always offer guidance, support, and encouragement. Friends always back each other up through hard times and are always providing love and respect towards each other.
A friendship is a person who will defend you no matter and in front of anyone even if you are wrong, but takes you to the side and tell you what you have done wrong and how to fix it. A friend is the one who will also tolerate you when you are in a bad

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