How Galatians Is Important For Many Reasons

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Galatians is important for many reasons. To start off, it is among the earliest, if not the earliest, of all the writings in the New Testament. The letter gives us an idea of the problems that arose in the Christian churches after Jesus ' physical death, and most importantly, it reveals one of the most essential elements in Paul 's interpretation of Christianity. On this particular point, Paul made a definite break not only with Judaism but also, with Christians of Jewish descent who believed in the new religion in terms of obedience.
To start off, it is important to understand what caused Paul to write the letter. This could also be recognized as the setting of the letter that provides some minor background information. The people in Galatia and the people of the church in Galatia came to successfully discredit Paul’s position to be spreading the Christian Gospel. They also are questioning the accuracy of his interpretations of the Gospel. One of the main concerns is that Paul is not in a legitimate place of authority to be spreading the Gospel. The churches and followers even went so far as to charge that he was an impostor and was guilty of misleading the churches. In response to these accusations, Paul wrote the Letter to the Galatians. The reoccurring question from the people in Galatia and the Churches is whether Paul’s claims of being an apostle to Jesus Christ can be trusted and whether or not Jesus Christ himself actually gave Paul the permission to continue the

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