How Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents Essay

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‘How the Garcia girls lost their accents’ by Julia Alvarez talks about the four girls fleeing to the united states after their father’s attempt to overthrow dictator is undiscovered. They arrived in Brooklyn, New York to a life totally different from the one back home where their name inspired respect and had dozens of maids serving them fine foods in silverware, but had to live in fear of uncles disappearing by the hand of the secret police. In the new world their parents try to hold onto their old traditions, but the girls have a different idea and instead try to find new lives for themselves but find themselves caught between the old and the new world. The novel tells their struggle to fit in and to express/communicate themselves. The story is all about one of the many aspects of the immigrant experience; language barrier and the power of word/being able to express oneself. The book is extremely popular among Hispanic immigrants for its relatableness. Although an unpopular opinion, I wouldn’t recommend Millennials to read the novel because its complex storyline, poor transitions between stories, characters difficult to…show more content…
They keep getting younger throughout the book so that at the end they were kids back in their homeland, the Dominican Republic. The author did this to make the reader experience the book as an immigrant; always going back to their homeland, however it can make it difficult to follow through. There are also some poor transitions between stories, Such as in ‘Trespass’, Carla was sexually harassed by a pervert in a lime green car on her way home from school and her struggle to tell the police what happened while the next chapter is a two page story about the first time Yolanda saw snow and her thinking the snowflakes were
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