How Garrard's Business Strategy By Using Primary And Secondary Research Data

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1: Introduction

The aim of this assignment is to look at and possibly improve Garrard’s business strategy by using primary and secondary research data and to combine this with the construction industry to grow their clientele base. Techniques, such as EFQM Excellence Model, will be used and examined along with a PESTEL (for an overview of business strategy please See Appendices 2) and SWOT Analysis then defining their future strategic options using a TOWS matrix.

2: Garrard’s Construction Limited
Garrard’s are a small to medium sized construction company who have provided an exemplary building insurance repair service for nearly 70 years. They have a strong reputation within the professional building service throughout the main areas of insurance repairs, which are new build, refurbishment, renovation and property maintenance.

2.1: Garrard’s Organisational Structure

Garrard’s have over 55 employees, 40 of which are directly employed as site operatives along with 15 office staff. They use a range of fully approved sub-contractors who in-turn take up over 40% of all contracts across all areas. Their team of technical staff are necessary for their sustained success. When speaking to Garrard’s they stated that their business reputation is based on their construction knowledge and professional approach that all their personnel have towards each project.
2.2: Business Strategy Planning
Garrard’s in order to have an effective business strategy must meet the requirements of a…
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