How Gender Ideologies Play A Big Role On Families And Has Evolved Drastically Over Time Essay

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Gender ideologies play a big role in families and has evolved drastically over time. Parents haven’t had the same equal positions in the family or followed the assumptions based on society’s view. Societies have always had traditional ways of life, such as, women as the nurtures and men as the money makers. As the years go by people change their ways of life, the idea of family has shifted. Many new roles are now more accepted in today’s time. Families are what makes us who we are and what we do. I grew up in a very happy household with parents who believed a family is the most important aspect in someone’s life. With that idea in mind and my Asian background shaped my parent’s beliefs about divorce, which they were always against. They believed that they chose each other for a reason and believed that they can overcome any struggles. In 1995, my parents, Billy and Vivian, married and had their first daughter in 1997 named Marilyn. After a year they had their most awesome second daughter which was me, and eventually they had their last child named Steve in 2001. Growing up, my mom stayed at home to take care of her three kids whereas my dad mostly worked. My father worked at a company restaurant and later my mom began her career as a nail technician.
After reading Hochschild’s, The Second Shift, I realized that all families are different yet very much alike. It’s very difficult to make the big decision to have the father and mother at work during the day, this would then…
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