How Gender Is Influenced The Way Humans Act And Interact

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We Need to Melt the Barbie Dreamhouse When you enter the superstore, you can actually smell the disjunction. On the right is the tempting-sweet, candied-flower perfumes and to the left is the dark ice, musky tree bark colognes. As you venture further, the right side is all ruffles and more shades of pink than you knew existed and the left side is full of blue and blue and some khaki cargo shorts. In the back, the right side presents dreamhouses and a chemistry set that results in makeup. The left showcases trucks driven by a mass of muscles and a build-your-own plane that can really fly! The right side of this superstore clearly caters to females, while the left appeals to males; but you already knew that, even without an explicit…show more content…
Mothers will overestimate a young boy’s ability to crawl and will underestimate the ability, even though it is the exact same ability, of a young girl. Girls are presented with mommy-to-be toys, such as baby dolls or a Lego set where she can build a house, and boys are given spaceships and other toys that relate to STEM education principles, which involve science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. The notion of the pink aisle, “experts agree[,]…does have a negative impact on girls’ interest in…STEM” resulting in math anxiety and the belief that they are inferior to boys in those subject matters ( The actions adults take toward children, from choosing to pick up the child or leave them be when they cry to whether they give the child a Barbie or Captain America, genders the child. By the time a child reaches kindergarten, they know if they are a boy or a girl and they know that boys like blue and girls like pink. They also know that another child who goes against gender ‘stereotypes’ is unnatural and should be greeted with cruelty. For example, my youngest sister, Clara, has a sensory processing disorder, meaning that an abundance of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touches are completely overwhelming to the point of breakdowns and tantrums. For this reason, she wears mostly athletic wear; ruffles and even the tag on the back of a shirt is too ‘itchy’ and results in mass amounts of tears. The
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