How Gender Roles Affect The Way We Carry Our Own Body

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Gender roles can affect the way we carry ourselves Gender plays a big role in the way we are accepted and respected in life. Gender roles refers to society's idea of how men and women are expected to act and behave. After reading the section “gender roles” I see all women deal with this issue daily. Women aren’t accepting themselves, or are willing to change, because of someone’s opinion. I personally use to think I was insecure, it was until I realized in today’s world females have to carry their self a certain way. Reading through the five essays my view on women isn’t altered but I do have a better understanding. I noticed that women have a feature or a personality flaw that most try to replace. For instance when I read myth of a Latin women. An essay about a young Puerto Rican girl who had to dime herself to please others. She dealt with racial profiling that her and Hispanic…show more content…
Another essay that I enjoyed reading was “Leaky”. As women we should learn to accept and appreciate our own body. Some lives revolve around what other people believe or think about us. It’s no longer that we are concerned with who we actually are, but it’s an image which we want to portray, even if it is, in reality, a false one. In this essay they talked about Brazilian women and compared their lives to their own. In “Leaky” by Don Kulick and Thais Machando-Borges the mother and the daughter react enthusiastically about a pill that would make them lose fat. Not even once did the thought of the damaging side effects of the pills came into their thoughts as they were overwhelmed by the fat the pill would make them lose. A prime example of how today we are so ashamed and willing to change to please others. My views of myself are to accept my body, mind, and personality so that others can learn to as well. Love yourself or no one will! I am content with me and no one can take that from
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