How Gender Roles Are Played Out Among Their Religion

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For our topic, gender roles in religion, we decided to examine Mormonism and see how gender roles are played out among their religion. Before starting our interviews, we did research, and during our research process, we learned many interesting facts about Mormons and Mormonism. People usually think that Mormons are most likely people from Utah, but we found that to be false. Although the Mormon headquarter is in Utah, many Mormons are from other places, like California. Moreover, we found out that the idea of polygamy is actually banned from Mormon churches and if anyone were to practice it, they would be excommunicated from the church. All in all, after our research, we acknowledged that Mormons are not what the stereotypes show them to…show more content…
Once Sarah found out that her friends dad was of professional rank in the church, Sarah set-up an interview date and time. She knew they were of high ranking because she referred back to the ranking status of the Mormon church by the research everybody did about Mormons. She tried to pick a date that would be suitable for as many members as the group to go and for the interviewees to attend. The most suitable day for everybody was Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 4:45 pm, after the interviewees were done with church. Only three out of the five members of our group could attend, so Sarah asked the questions, Rose took notes and observations during the interview, and Jay videotaped it. We interviewed Kendall Jacobs, who was part of the high council, and Heather Saunders, President of the Relief Society. The interview lasted until around 6 pm. Observations One of the observations that we encountered when we interviewed Kendall and Heather at Kendall’s house was that the tone of the conversation was quite humble and relaxed. Both Kendall and Heather were incredibly open and friendly in talking about their religion. They were very modest and clear when explaining their point of views. We noticed that when Kendall got caught up in telling a story or talking about a touchy subject, Heather was right there to help him, such as finishing his sentences. We did not have to be afraid to ask deep or personal questions, in fact, they encouraged us to ask any questions that we had. We
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