How Gender Roles Have Played A Big Part Of The History

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Gender roles have played a big part of the history of this country and in this new day and age are becoming more progressive. Women in men gender roles are not at all such a horrendous idea. In some cases, jobs traditionally performed by men, were done better by female employees but some some careers are specifically meant for men. Women should not take part in military combat or any career that carries the same physical demands. Here are two examples accompanied by arguments an evidence that argue the above statement.
In this film a team of astronauts is forced to make a decision that leaves one of their own behind. During a violent storm, while on Mars, commander Lewis (Jessica Chastain) is forced to leave one of her astronauts when Mark Watney is struck by debris. He is presumed dead and is considered a great loss to NASA, the Nation. Soon enough headquarters discovers that Watney is alive and they begin to formulate a resupply and rescue mission. When NASA reveals to the Ares III crew that Watney is still alive, they are given the choice to retrieve Watney themselves. As the crew begins to work together to get Watney back, they run into vital issues that could cause theirs and Watney 's death. (The Martian, 2015)
Now when a person thinks of a commander, a male figure comes to mind. For example, the Commander in Chief is the nation’s president whom has been a man the past forty-five presidencies. The commander of the Ares III is Melissa Lewis, despite being a woman, her…
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