How George Orwell Creates Sympathy for Boxer in Animal Farm Essay

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How George Orwell Creates Sympathy for Boxer in Animal Farm

Orwell evokes sympathy from the audience for Boxer using a variety of successful methods. Firstly, he does this by the presentation of his intellect, and also by the characterisation of his personality and attributes. The Author additionally uses the way Boxer is treated, as well as with the setting, and the contrast with other animals, to make the reader empathise with the situation he is in. Finally he uses Boxer's lack of self-knowledge along with his death to show his naivety towards believing in an altruistic existence. ======================================================================

The author creates sympathy for Boxer
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The quotes, " Three days later the pigs announced that he had died in the hospital at Willingdon," and, "It had not been possible, to bring back their lamented comrade's remains for interment…" show that the pigs took advantage of his trusting nature right to the end. It also shows that although Boxer had always worked harder than he could, and had followed everything Napoleon had said, as soon as there was no danger of him overthrowing them, he was got rid of. Not only that but he was even sold, so the pigs could buy another case of whiskey. This spreads a feeling of sympathy because it again lets us see how Boxer and the other animals were manipulated into believing that Napoleon and the pigs were helping them towards animalism and a better life. This has connotations of all the animals being trusting because they believed in their leaders and couldn't physically think they were behind any of the stuff that went wrong and that they were really corrupt. This shows that communism was truly corrupted and the leaders didn't care about the workers at all, and only did what benefited them.

Orwell gets the readers to sympathise with Boxer because of his lack of self-knowledge.

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