How Global Warming Affect Penguins

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food source. “Carbonate ions are used by calcifying creatures such as plankton, corals, and clams to build their shells” (Wolf, 2016). Green house gases are affecting penguins. By the water absorbing carbon dioxide affects the penguins’ food supply. Climate change causes the temperatures to rise and that and that’s melting the sea ice. “…ocean warming and the melting of sea-ice are linked to the decline to the penguins’ major food supply-Artic krill. Krill in this region have declined by as much as 80% since 1970. Since krill graze on algae that grow o the bottom of the sea ice, the loss of ice leads to the loss of krill” (Wolf, 2016). Global warming is a problem all because of climate change. If climate change slows down the earth temperatures will not rise, and harm the animals’ habitats. Humans need to decrease our uses of productive resources; by using more energy efficient appliances or get limited usage of gas, electricity, oil, and coal. So we slow down the powerful problems that come with climate change. Sea turtles are being affected by climate change also. Turtles are affected because of the sea level rising and global warming. “…sea level rise will affect significant nesting beach areas on low-level sand beaches” (New England Aquarium, 2016). Sea turtle population levels will be harmed on some beaches because of…show more content…
Temperature rising sea level rising green house gases and many more are hurting the animals and were adding to the problem everyday. Conserving our productive resources will help slow down the impacts climate change has on our earth. Little things like energy efficient appliances, they don’t use so much electricity and saves you money. Or like getting a car with better fuel efficiency it will save you money on gas and put out less heat trapping gases. If we don’t start to make a difference now it might be to late in the future to save our animals and
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