How Globalization And Crime And Attitudes Towards Crime?

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. Discuss globalization and crime A. What is Globalization? Globalization is a unique process which has resulted in the linking of different national economies and local cultures into one global system and significant intensification of worldwide social relations. Development in transportation and infrastructure, as well as technological advancement promoted global interconnectedness and interdependence, having removed the barriers separating the world. Globalization is a fairly recent phenomenon, and as Fichtelberg pointed out, it affects virtually everyone almost everywhere. (Fichtelberg, 2008, p. 3) People all over the world are absorbing aspects of other cultures and lifestyles, through sharing of ideas, food, and entertainment. Globalization intertwined local and global, local neighborhoods are being influenced by world money and commodity markets, operating at an indefinite distance away from that neighborhood itself. (Franko, 2013, p. 3) B. How has globalization influenced crime and attitudes towards crime? Since there is hardly a sphere of life not affected by globalization, criminals have globalized themselves too. They embraced the changes brought up by globalization and have been successfully using them to their advantage. Globalization has opened new horizons for the criminals and has given them more opportunities to engage in illicit activity. Distance and state borders are not barriers for criminal activity anymore. New types of crime, such as cybercrime have
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