How Globalization And Technology Changes Have Impacted The Corporation You Researched

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Assess how globalization and technology changes have impacted the corporation you researched What is Globalization? What does it do for a country? How does it affect a company? Who are the recipients of these benefits, if there are any? What are some major benefits of going global? “Globalization is the increasing economic interdependence among countries and their organizations as reflected in the flow of goods and services, financial capital, and knowledge across country borders” (Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson, pg. 9). Starbucks, an American company headquartered in Seattle, Washington is one of the most global companies I can think of, with more than 20,000 stores in over 50 countries around the world. I have had the priveledge to…show more content…
Apply the industrial organizational model and the resources-based model to determine how your corporation could earn above-average returns In the industrial organization model, there are five areas that are referred to as forces. They are the external environment, the industry, assets, skills, and strategy, which are all used. Here is what Starbucks would do using this model. First, they would look at other companies such as McDonalds, Tim Horton 's etc.. Next they would look at the company that has above average returns, once they have selected a company, they formulate an above average strategy for analysis. After this has been completed, required assets and skills would need to developed and then analyzed for implementation. When these five areas are completed, the strategy is ready to be deployed. The resource-based model is a more in-depth study of a specific successful company in the same industry. This model looks for a uniqueness in the resources that the company has, and then the remaining areas that are studied are capability and competitive advantage. The first step Starbucks would take in this model is to identify the competitor 's resources, then study their strengths and weakness as compared to it 's own. Next, capabilities are determined that will allow the company to do better than the competition. In the third step, the competitive
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