How Globalization Effects France

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The Globe Grows Smaller The world we live in today is continually growing smaller and people are more connected with each other more than ever before. This is contributed to globalization; which for our purposes is defined as the increasing speed and ease that capital, services, goods, technologies, people, information, cultures, and ideas cross borders at. This paper will be analysing the effects of globalization on many aspects of France. Historically, France has opposed globalization and this disdain started gaining ground during the early 1990s as Europe was becoming integrated. The French feared globalization because they wanted to preserve their own rich culture, and because they saw globalization as another form of americanization…show more content…
French companies also employ 4.5 million people outside of France and account for 20 percent of all investments in Europe (Saunders).This shows how globalisation has made it much easier for France to trade with other countries and helped them turn into the European powerhouse they are, and making domestic companies a substantial amount of money in the process. Taking all of these statistics into consideration it is obvious that globalisation has had a positive effect of their growth as a nation and their economy. Now to examine how globalization has changed the climate for corporations in regards to offshoring and outsourcing. Offshoring and outsourcing reduce the political power held by the French government and move that power to multinational corporations. One of the results of globalization is that transportation and communication costs are decreasing constantly. Falling costs allow for corporations to move components of their production or services to other countries. With regional entities like the EU, NAFTA, and MERCOSUR expanding market boundaries these companies can then relocate business to countries that are more investment friendly. For example countries that have the lowest tax burden on corporate profit, loser environmental regulation, prioritizing expenditure over social programs, and improving transportation, communication and other services that improve productivity will be the most attractive for companies to move to (Goldthorpe, 2002). One
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