How Globalization Has Caused Products

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Globalization has caused products designed in California, being assembled in China. This is interchange of market resources helped many MNE’s spread across the globe offering similar or different products in regions and states. Theodore Levitt (1983) criticizes MNE’s who have different strategies for different regions, and called for the global company, which will have standardized product offerings all over the globe. There are others like Kotler (1985) and Fisher (1984) who encouraged MNE’s to adapt product and marketing strategies according to individual market. For more than ten years concerns encompassing worldwide work polishes in the wearing attire industry have been under a ton consideration from the general population (Arnold…show more content…
In addition this research investigates endeavors to propose diverse ways in which companies can treat their employees ethically, while in the meantime stay financially profitable and maintain their competitiveness by being good corporate global citizens. Which strategy is the best only time will tell, yet MNE’s tend to grow by the transfer of resources due to globalization, and mostly focusing on outsourcing. Some critics have pointed to the sub-standard utilization of labor in undeveloped or developing economies by MNE’s. This paper will initially give an outlook of such a company, which is ‘NIKE’. The paper will talk about Nike’s business strategy and how its strategy is undermining and breaking international labor laws. The paper will look into some Nike cases regarding ‘sweatshops’ and unethical business practices of Nike. The paper will then talk about ethical issues and suggest ethical theory to compliment the unethical behavior of Nike. Background Nike, Inc (NIKE) incorporated on September 8, 1969, and since then has grown into one of the world’s leading athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and Services Company. Nike grossed $25.33b in revenues last year, an 8% increase from the previous year (Nike, Inc. Annual Reports, 2013). President and CEO of Nike, Inc said, “We’re excited about what lies
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