How Government Has Established The Racial Lines

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There are many different ways that government has established the racial lines as we understand them in America. The one drop rule as discussed above was a result of the southern state legislatures and the development of Jim Crowe Laws. In Virginia that state passed some racial integrity laws an in 1924 one such act read in part as this “It is estimated in the state from 10,000 to 20,000, possibly more near white people, who are known to possess and intermixture of colored blood, in some cases to a slight extent it is true, but still enough to prevent them from being white,” (LAW). This was the response the legislature of Virginia put forth when faced with the biggest whole in the race is a static nonmalleable fact. They had to find a way to get those of mixed races into a box. Depending on how one looked at the issue either these people fit in both boxes or did not fit in any box. The State legislature had to decide which box would be accepting them. And it was the political institution that decided that one drop was enough to remove you from being considered white. It was a maneuver to oppress blacks and trash the whites who mingled with them. This was not a biological decision that would argue the black gene is dominant enough that one great grandparent is enough to make all future off spring black (which wouldn’t be true), it was a social and political choice. A State legislature decided the borderlines of race, not some natural law. Legislatures were not the
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