How Government Policies Are Developed Unit 1 M4 Public Servicesa

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How Government Policies are developed.

In this assignment I am going to analyse how government policies are developed, covering all aspects of the policy making process.

There are many different levels of government which exist and have a direct or indirect impact on people’s lives.
The levels of government are Central, (which involve the Monarchy, the House of Commons, and the House of Lords), Regional, (which involve Devolved parliaments) and Local, (which involve Local authorities, country councils and Metropolitan councils). Each level contains a variety of different organisations and branches of government which help to keep the country and the public services running smoothly and effectively. All branches of the government
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From these discussions parliamentary subcommittees are formed to look at different parts of the idea. Subcommittees are smaller discussions which have less MP’s involved. If the idea is considered to be worthwhile after these discussions then the idea is put onto a ‘green paper’.
A green paper is a document that contains the new idea discussed in government meetings, and is given to government parties to discuss in meetings and debates. These debates are known as public meetings, specialist consultation meetings or enquiries.
This is when the public has the chance to get involved in the policy making process.
Sometimes the discussions around a green paper result in the idea being not needed and the policy process stops there. However, sometimes the discussions show that there is a need for the law and it moves ahead to the next stage, which is known as a ‘white paper’.
A white paper will have the new policy written in detail, and it will be given to the House of Commons where the idea will be discussed further. White papers are the drafts of what will become known as ‘Bills’ in later stages of development.
A Bill is a formal document on a policy and the proposal for a piece of legislation.
A Bill has a number of stages that it goes through before it is presented to the Queen to be signed. It starts off as a discussion in the House of Commons, and if decided to be an effective new policy idea then it is sent off

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